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The City of Ellensburg and Kittitas County in Washington State is a very crooked, corrupt place.

Ellensburg, WA is NOT a great place to raise a family, start a business, or put down roots, and it is highly recommended that neither of these be done. For this is a very crooked, corrupt town. Many people and entities (mostly Kittitas County public officials with the inclusion of “offices” – an artificial person that can feel no emotional distress), have obtained permanent bogus, fraudulent civil antiharassment restraining orders pursuant to the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 10.14.

The restraining orders were obtained at great public expense (presided by crony crooked judges) and have totally 100% blocked off both Ellensburg courts (Lower Kittitas County District and Kittitas County Superior courts), whereas the Kittitas County Superior Court have improperly and illegally shredded and destroyed U.S. mailed court filings and other documents, refused to place official documents in the official court files, and blatantly lie in court filings. The restraining orders petitioners have rigged elections, refused to respond to written queries, and made sure the such orders criminalized protesting or being on public sidewalks, or attending public meetings. 

Right after current violent, incompetent Kittitas County Superior Court Administrator Sarah Keith lost her clerk's position by write-in vote to now-Kittitas County Superior Court Clerk Val Barschaw (GOP) in 2014, what did the Kittitas County Superior Court judges do? Immediately hire Sarah Keith to be the Kittitas County Superior Court Administrator. (Figure that one out!) 

Below are just some of the permanent restraining cases (which all cover the Kittitas County Courthouse), with the names of the petitioners, along with the corresponding Lower Kittitas County District Court case numbers.

  • 1. Sarah H. Keith - No. A05-00046

  • 2. Kittitas County Prosecutor’s Office - No. A06-00026

  • 3. Joyce Julsrud/Kittitas County Clerk's Office, Petitioner; Valeria Barschaw, Intervenor - No. A14-00007

  • 4. Jerry Pettit, Susan Higginbotham and, and Kittitas County Auditor's Office - No. A14-00011

  • 5. Amy Mills - No. A07-76

  • 6. Joanna Markell & The Daily Record - A14-41 (prevents attending any Ellensburg court hearings, regardless).

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